Anniversary of the Toronto Van Attack

TORONTO — Today, Premier Doug Ford issued the following statement in commemoration of the first anniversary of the van attack on North York city centre in Toronto:

"One year ago, terror struck at the very heart of our capital city, our province and our country. In a series of shocking moments of evil, loved ones were lost and lives were shattered forever. This senseless and monstrous attack shook our sense of security and our identity as a free and peaceful society.”

But even in our darkest moments, we always remain strong and united. In the face of such tragedy and terror, the people of Canada do what we have always done. We come together, as many will today at vigils across the city. We mourn those we have lost and comfort the families and friends left behind. And we demand that those who commit such cowardly acts of violence be brought to justice.

Our government will always stand with the victims of terrorism and other crimes and work with law enforcement to keep our communities safe."