New Act to Celebrate Convenience Stores

New Act Would Celebrate Contributions of Ontario’s Convenience Stores

MPP Stan Cho to table Private Member’s Bill proclaiming annual Convenience Store Week in Ontario


TORONTO – Today, Willowdale MPP Stan Cho will table a private member’s bill in the Ontario legislature that would proclaim the week before Labour Day each year as Ontario Convenience Store Week. The Convenience Store Week Act, 2021 would recognize and celebrate the hard-working individuals who work in Ontario’s 8,500 convenience stores and the essential service they have provided during the COVID-19 pandemic

“This pandemic has shown us just how critical C-Stores are to our communities”, said MPP Stan Cho, “they provided essential goods and services, sold PPE, and for many Ontarians living in rural and remote communities, continued to be the only source of daily necessities.”

Convenience Store Week would serve as an opportunity each year to express gratitude for these small business owners and employees who work around the clock, 365 days a year, to keep Ontarians connected to essential goods, to celebrate the support and philanthropic work C-Stores do in their communities, as well as mark the significant contribution that the convenience industry makes to Ontario’s economy.

“Convenience stores played an important role in my family’s journey to Canada”, said MPP Stan Cho. “Immigrating to Canada from South Korea in the 1970s, like many New-Canadians, my parents found work in a Convenience Store and eventually saved up enough money to purchase their own store in Rexdale. Growing up in that store taught me the importance of hard work and of serving your community - values that this bill aims to celebrate.”


  • Over 8,500 convenience stores currently operate in Ontario.
  • Over 99% of these convenience stores are small businesses employing less than 100 people, including 62% that are micro businesses employing 1-4 workers.
  • Convenience Store Week Act, 2021 would proclaim the seven-day period in each year ending the Saturday immediately before Labour Day as Convenience Store Week.